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GlidePathCX is focused on improving the passenger experience and the value of the airports we serve. GlidePathCX’s core objective is to improve customer loyalty and spending by enhancing the connection between you and your passengers. Reducing friction at all airport touchpoints, improving the day-of-travel journey, and driving demonstrable increases in passenger spending is the primary goal. GlidePathCX makes it easy for airports to monitor and improve key moments along the customer journey. Meet your customers where they are and capture real-time feedback with daily passenger sentiment scores to understand how you score in relation to what customers care most about. Gain a holistic understanding of your customers' experiences and discover the actions/changes that can drive meaningful increases in customer satisfaction and revenue. Uncover trends, patterns, and key drivers of customer loyalty to improve CX strategy and operations. With GlidePathCX, you can quickly identify areas of opportunity to improve the customer experience at your airport and gain valuable insights into how to further reduce friction and build loyalty. Better customer experience/satisfaction correlates directly to more spending at the airport. Start driving more revenue today with GlidePathCX.

Marc Ellis

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Marc is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of GlidePathCX. Marc is skilled at developing strategic partnerships with firms and platforms that help to improve the guest experience. He is passionate about improving the airport passenger experience and reducing friction across all airport touchpoints. In his role as CEO, Marc has led GlidePathCX to become the only comprehensive CX loyalty, e-commerce, and passenger engagement platform with a presence in more than 100 airports worldwide. He wakes up every morning with the goal of enhancing the overall travel experience for consumers while driving more airport revenue. Marc oversees a dedicated team of professionals that are working toward the goal of extending the GlidePathCX platform to every global corner both horizontally to other airports and vertically to other enclosed multi-owner retail concepts like shopping malls, sports arenas, mobility systems, and other high traffic public venues. Marc earned his BA in Finance from Morehouse College and later went on to earn an MBA in finance and marketing from New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business.

Edmund D. Puckhaber

President & COO

Edmund D. Puckhaber is the co-founder and president of GlidePathCX. In this role overseeing operations and technology. Ed focuses on providing airports with in-transit insights via the Insight360 CX/BI dashboard, as well as surprising and delighting the passenger with relevant and timely data-driven offers. He served as an Assistant Vice President at Wachovia Bank from 1994-1998, and as a Vice President at ABN-AMRO Bank from 1998-2001. In these positions, he advised Fortune 500 companies on financial strategies and banking products. His strong skills in marketing strategy, strategic planning, and business strategy have aided his operational, technical, and financial expertise into spearheading two start-up ventures. Ed earned a BA in Economics and Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia and an MBA from Wake Forest University.

Jay Ellis

EVP, Network Development

Jay Ellis brings to the table over 13 years of experience in retail and corporate banking with expertise in strategic client management and senior leadership roles including developing and managing progressive multi-level sales forces. Currently, Jay is managing the global expansion of the rapidly growing airport division of GlidePathCX. In this role he is responsible for the team managing both the growth of the global airport footprint and the expansion of the GlidePathCX platform into new industry verticals, such as shopping malls and sports venues. Jay earned a BS in Economics from the University of San Francisco and is a Veteran of the United States Army. He proudly served as an Artilleryman during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm with 3rd Armored Division from Hanau, Germany, and is highly decorated having received three army commendation and three army achievement medals.

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