CX | BI Dashboard

Provides essential in-transit insights

Quantifies total daily passenger engagements

Captures daily passenger sentiment score

Identifies top 5 passenger issues and recommends actions

Becomes a comprehensive repository for airport data

Turnkey Loyalty

Connects airline miles programs to airport spending

Creates large passenger database for the airport

Automatically engages passengers with data-driven offers

Links your airport to a global airport loyalty coalition

Drives incremental revenue by rewarding passengers

Automated Engagement

Intelligent, data-driven engagement

Targets specific passenger segments/cohorts

Executes a 52-week engagement strategy

Automatically sends seasonally timed messages

Accumulates preference data via surveys 

Surveys | Feedback

Calculates a daily passenger sentiment score

Benchmarks performance against the industry average

Captures free form feedback and populates word cloud

Rotates survey questions by topic (customizable)

Identifies top 5 issues - both positive and negative

Passenger Appeasement

Outsources timely responses to passenger complaints

Offsets bad experiences while protecting reputation

Provides digital cash value when issues arise

Utilizes GlidePathCX's customer service center (CSC)

Allows for customized appeasement rules/responses

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